129086 – Chemical Injector NPT X NPT Dual Hose Barb – Blue


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Hydraflex part # 129086

Dual hose barb Venturi injector for diluting two chemicals with water – ideal for adding a color or scent to your solution. Chem-Flex injectors are the most chemical-resistant injector on the market, manufactured using Kynar Venturi inserts, stainless steel connections, a Hastelloy spring, a Teflon check ball, and an exclusive XFC o-ring material, and last 2-4 times longer than stainless steel or brass injectors.

Injectors are color-coded based on the water flow needed for each individual application, and combine with color-coded chemical metering tips to proportion the precise chemical mix ratio.

Connection Type: 3/8” NPT x NPT, Stainless Steel
Pressure Range: 100-1000 PSI
Temperature Range: 33-175 degrees F
Number of Hose Barbs: 2
Maximum Wrench Torque: 30 ft-lbs


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