Detergent and Debugger



Double Duty is a debugger and truck and large vehicle detergent in one. Double Duty is Ver-tech Labs’ best bug remover. As a medium duty truck wash, Double Duty was formulated for tractors and high profile domestic truck fleets. Double Duty is our best choice for outside and hot weather washing, as it stays wetter longer and loses none of its essential components to evaporation. Ideal for mobile washers as it extends the number of washes between rinses. Double Duty is a green product that is compatible with all water reclaim and reuse systems. Not affected by hard water.

• Tractor/Truck Cleaning 1:25 or 5 oz./gallon
• Bug Remover (Spring/Fall) 1:17
• Bug Remover (Summer) 1:34
• Mobile Washer 1:50 or 2-3 oz./gallon
• Recreational Vehicles and Campers 1:20
• Friction Presoak 1:30 or 4 oz./gallon

– 5 Gallon Pail


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Detergent and Debugger