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EXT189 – SUMMER DREAM offers an escape throughout their car wash experience.  This foaming detergent will have customers reminiscing of summer fun with ice cream trucks and creamsicles.   Enhanced formula allows for deep cleaning and increased foam levels offer superior coverage and show.  Take your customers on a summer getaway with a Summer Dream Burst Experience.

  • Foaming detergent
  • Exciting orange/vanilla fragrance
  • Great for multiple applications
  • Can be double drawn with other reclaim compatible products
  • Can be diluted and used as an air freshener


NOTICE:  Due to raw material shortages/price increases this product may be unavailable.

  • Dual draw with other VTL products to add/boost fragrance
  • Foam curtain
  • Banana Foamers
  • Foam Sticks
  • Dilute and use through spray bottle as an air freshener
  • Dilution ratios will vary depending on application and desired fragrance
  • Metal Safe
  • Reclaim Compatible
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 Gallons