Wall and Equipment Cleaner


  • Reclaim Compatible
  • Metal Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly

This product ships to Canada, 5 gallon pails only at this time.


EXT930 – SAFE & SIMPLE Wall and Equipment Cleaner is a SAFE and EASY to use for cleaning walls, equipment, windows and more.

  • Versatile formula that works for cleaning walls, windows, equipment and more
  • SAFE – no hydrofluoric, no sulfuric or other harsh acids
  • Can help clean algae and eliminate odors
  • SAFE and highly recommended for maintenance cleaning on Extra-tech walls
  • Available in 4×1 gallon box | 5 gallon pailFO
  • Easily cleans walls, equipment and windows
  • SAFE – no harsh acids
  • For best results product should be applied through a foaming applicator, let stand and rinse with high pressure for best results

Suggested dilutions will vary depending on cleaning conditions and application method.

  • Heavy Cleaning                     use undiluted
  • Light-Medium Cleaning      1 : 1
  • Daily Cleaning up to             15 : 1

Note: if walls and windows have been previously exposed to sulfuric/hydrofluoric acids that have removed surface etching – product results will vary.