Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer



Cleaning and protecting the undercarriage of your truck/large vehicle is more important than ever. Corrosion costs over $23 billion each year to the transportation industry with costly repairs and time off the road. Most of the corrosion related problems start on the underside of the vehicle. Vehicle undercarriages are one of the many ways pathogens, like the Avian Flu, travel between farms and contaminate livestock, resulting in over $3 billion loss to American agriculture. Keeping your truck or large vehicle working and meeting federal bio-security guidelines are two reasons you need the Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer.

How does the Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer help prevent corrosion?

The Foam Maxx was designed to foam Salt Shield on the underside of the vehicle using low pressure. The low pressure application prevents damage to the components on the exposed underside of the vehicle caused by high pressure and high volume undercarriage rinses. Also, high pressure can force road salts and deicers up into the engine compartment. The foam application of keeps Salt Shield increases the contact time to neutralize the road salts and deicers.

How does the Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer enhance bio-security?

The Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer foam applies sanitizers and disinfectants to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Long contact times help maximize chemical effectiveness, while low-pressure output means you don’t have to worry about soils and pathogens going airborne.


FOAM MAXX UNDERCARRIAGE FOAMER includes the following:

Foam Maxx Undercarriage Foamer comes with: 55 gallon (208.2 liter) proportioning tank, Control panel assembly, Ramp (in 4 sections), 5 ramp nozzle assemblies, 2 side nozzle assemblies, Sensor, 230 ft. (70.1 m) of 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) inside diameter blue hose, Control panel mounting hardware, User manual.


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