Online customers often contact us and ask “Does this product work on ____?”, “Do you have something that will clean ___?”, “Does it come in a larger size?”, “Can I buy something I saw on your website?”

The answer to these questions is usually YES.

Our online store products are all classified as non-HAZMAT products and can be shipped via FEDEX or UPS. Products are offered in 5 gallon pails because most of our customers are buying smaller amounts or just trying out our products. Products online are relatively simple to use.

Some of our online customers have indicated they would like to buy larger quantities. Many of our products are offered in 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon and tote sizes. Customers needing larger quantities should contact Customer Service and let us know that you are an online customer and would like a larger size of a product. We’ll let you know how much the larger size costs and associated shipping costs.

What if you want something that is not available on the online store but you see it on our web pages? Products classified under the HAZMAT category need to be shipped differently. We also want to take the time to ask you what you are cleaning, how are you cleaning currently and help you determine if the product you want is the right choice. If you own a vehicle wash (car or truck), have a vehicle wash company, or are washing some type of fleet – we want you to use the right chemicals in the right way for YOUR cleaning conditions.

Some of our customers want to switch over to using our chemicals for their vehicle wash needs. Once again we’d like to speak with you about your business. Depending on your geographic location, one of our Ver-tech Labs representatives or one of of distributor partners will work with you to put our chemicals online. The process of putting chemicals online with a chemical representative ensures that vehicles are meeting our high professional cleaning standards and you are using the right amount of chemical. Too much chemical can be just as bad as too little. Different water conditions will require an adjustment to chemical usage. There are a lot of factors that will affect your chemical usage. We also discourage mix usage of our chemicals with those manufactured by other companies. Our chemicals are formulated to work together and we know the typical proportions for optimal cleaning. Mixing products from different companies can be a recipe for a cleaning nightmare.

The bottom line is that Ver-tech Labs is here to help you clean better. If you need something that is not available on our online store, please contact us. We’re pretty sure we’ll have what you need or will help you find someone that does have what you need.

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