Do you get excited about presoaks? If not you should. The presoak in your wash is the most important chemical product to get right for the best cleaning results. Your presoak is the first chemical that is really attacking the oils and road grime on a dirty vehicle. A high performance, quality presoak allows all of the other carwash products to work more effectively on the vehicle’s surface.

Every year we ask our sales representatives to rate our products in comparison to other Ver-tech Labs products in the same category. This year we were surprised to see that Golden Knight was rated better than Black Knight for touchless cleaning applications. It was particularly surprising because Golden Knight was introduced in Fall 2014 and has been piloted only in a few “hard-to-clean” carwash markets. Our sales representatives and chemists have been visiting the pilot sites using Golden Knight and the resounding opinion is this presoak is a high performer.

Golden Knight is a high pH 2X detergent concentrate with multiple applications. It can be used as a conveyor or IBA touchless presoak, an on-line CTA, as an on-line high pressure wheel blaster and in your prep gun. Golden Knight is reclaim compatible and biodegradable.

If you are using some of our other quality presoaks like Black Knight, White Knight or one of the Pro series, you may want to ask your chemical representative if Golden Knight is recommended for your wash. At Ver-tech Labs we believe in individual solutions for individual carwashes. Presoak performance is often highly dependent on the local soils, local water quality and even the time of year. However, we’re pretty sure that Golden Knight will lead to better cleaning in over 90% of the carwashes using one of our other high pH presoaks.

Some of you may be thinking “my carwash does a pretty good job of cleaning…why change something if it works?” There’s a little maxim around the Ver-tech Labs office: The 7 most expensive words in business are: “We have always done it that way!” We are not going to give you the same old stuff year after year. Our most demanding customers push us to formulate products that allow them to clean better.

You can count on high quality performance from all of our presoaks but we are always researching ways to clean better. We continue to formulate new products to meet the increasing demands of using less water in the wash while still getting the vehicle clean. We tweak product performance so that cleaning is faster, allowing you to clean more cars in an hour than your competition. We want you to be able to produce the cleanest looking vehicles to maintain and increase your customer base. Mr./Mrs. Carwash Owner, we don’t want you using a pager when everyone else is using a smart intelligence wrist device.

Do you want to stay in step with the most current way to clean better? Talk to your Ver-tech Labs chemical representative….and ask if Golden Knight might be right for your wash!