One of the most common questions we get from online shoppers is, “I want to start a mobile truck washing business – what soap should I use?”

Sounds like a simple question but washing vehicles has to take into account a lot of different factors. When you contact Ver-tech Labs for information, one of our truck washing experts will call you and ask you some questions to guide you towards the right products.

We think every mobile truck wash business should have the following:

  • Soft water
  • Hot water
  • Pressure washer that will supply 5 gpm at 1500-2000 psi
  • Foamer to apply chemicals under low pressure
  • Air compressor for the foamer
  • Professional truck wash cleaning chemicals

Then we’ll ask you some questions:

  • Have you washed trucks before? What type?
  • Have you checked into any local ordinances regulating mobile washing of trucks?
  • Are you carrying your own water or using the customers’ water?
  • Are you planning to clean touchlessly or brushing?
  • What kind of surfaces are you cleaning? Stainless steel, aluminum, painted surfaces, coated or uncoated wheels?

Based on your answers we’ll recommend products and starting dilutions. It’s important to know that you may need to change products or product strength between summer and winter cleaning conditions.

When you need to know how to get a vehicle clean – contact the vehicle cleaning experts at Ver-tech Labs. We’ll take the time to help you get it right so that your business succeeds.