“Why can’t I talk to a real person?”

When we receive these comments on our contact page we empathize with your frustration. At Ver-tech Labs, every one of our current direct customers and distributors work with their own individual representative and have a mobile phone number for that individual that they are able to call 24/7. This ensures that every customer has access to professional advice for the products they are using. But what about the individual who isn’t our customer and just has some questions about our online products or about Ver-tech Labs? How can we quickly connect the consumer with a professional for advice?

We originally thought that our Rockford business operations team could handle the calls by taking a message and linking a chemical representative to the return call. However, the volume of inbound calls unrelated to product questions essentially “clogs up the system”. We did a survey of our inbound calls and found that many calls are asking if we are interested in buying raw materials, using a different shipping service, installing a new business enterprise system, and even buying insurance. While we answered the inbound calls, we were wasting time trying to get someone off of the phone so that a real question could be answered.

So we decided to establish an on-call chemical representative to answer your questions about online store products, Ver-tech Labs products, “how do I….” questions and more. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST, you can talk to a REAL PERSON! Dial our toll free number 877-866-9742 and select option 5.

Now you have five options to contact Ver-tech Labs:

a. Call 877-866-9742 and select option 1 for customer service,

b. Call 877-866-9742 and select option 5 for the on call sales representative,

c. Contact us via email through the Contact page on our website https://ver-techlabs.com/contact/

d. Contact us via email through the Contact page on our online store https://shop.ver-techlabs.com/contact/

e. Contact Tony Vertin, CEO of Ver-tech Labs through his contact page https://ver-techlabs.com/talk-tony/

We’re here to help you Clean Better and we want to hear from you!