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Here’s a sample of what customers like you ask us:

11.17.2015 Jim (TN): Hi, I do fleet washing on our car lot and am adding outside services for trucks. Using a hot 3.9gpm 3000 psi washer. Can I use Thunderbolt downstream and avoid using a separate sprayer? If it is recommended, what dilution. Will a regular “bean sprayer” work to foam your product?
VTL: Thank you for your inquiry about Ver-tech Labs products. Our online sales representative, Gary Patriquin give you a call about our products. Not sure what a “bean” sprayer is, but it sounds like a regular garden sprayer and the short answer is yes you can use a sprayer. You can certainly use your downstream injector if you dilute the product properly. However, we have found the dilutions from downstream injectors to be notoriously unreliable. We recommend using Thunderbolt at a 20:1 dilution.  

10.25.2015 Jai (Australia): Hi I’m just enquiring to see if you can ship Double Duty to Australia and approximate cost if so thanks.
VTL: Thank you for your inquiry.  Thunderbolt is phosphate free and metal safe. Ver-tech Labs does not have a sales outlet in Australia. 

9.16.2015 Yessica (FL): Can you please in detail specify your mixture amount for 24-40:1? Am I going to apply gallons for the higher amount of number so 24-40 gals :1? ounce? gallon?
VTL: The dilution ratio indicates parts of water to parts of chemical.   A 24:1 ratio would be 24 parts water to 1part chemical. A gallon contains 128 ounces. 128/24 = 5.33 ounces of chemical to 1 gallon of water. Here is a link with a chart with common dilutions:

6.22.2015 James: That sounds simple enough, and thanks for getting back to me. Now I have another problem; looking over your site, you have several products that are highly recommended and now I’m confused as to which I want. Meaning – Thunderbolt ( what I actually came to your site for), Bug-be-Gone, all-in-one or what! Please give me an idea which product you believe a first time customer would be satisfied with. Also, I see the one gallon size on your site, but can’t figure out how to purchase only one gallon.
VTL: We recommend Thunderbolt as a first purchase.

6.20.2015 James: Do you have Thunderbolt pre-mixed so all I have do is spray (foam) on and rinse off? I don’t need the young man that cleans my truck trying to figure out this dilution thing LOL. I may also need aluminum brightener for my tanks & wheels! Also, he’ll be using a 2600 psi pressure washer for the job.
VTL: All of our products are concentrates.  We recommend a dilution of 20:1.    Add 6 oz. of Thunderbolt to 1 gallon of water for the proper dilution.   

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