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Metal safe low pH presoak for all types of vehicle washes. Sapper’s formulation works well with a number of our high pH presoaks in two-step touchless cleaning applications. Try it with Hellcat or Thunderbolt for fast, easy cleaning.



Metal Safe high pH truck washing detergent with higher alkalinity than THU100 Thunderbolt.


ACE100 Ace 10 Plus

Looking for a faster, easier way to clean your diesel fuel pump cradle? Ace 10 Plus makes this task super fast and super easy. It's a versatile degreasing cleaner with many applications for cleaning around gas stations and c-stores.


Truck Wash & Car Wash Chemicals/Foamers/Car Wash Sprayers

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  • Ver-tech Labs manufactures a wide variety of products to clean cars, trucks, heavy equipment and industrial surfaces.
  • If you look through our website,, you will see there are a number of products that are not on our store. Many cleaning chemicals are classified as Hazardous and require special shipping requirements. If you are interested in other products please contact us.
  • Do you need a product in a 55 gallon drum? Many of our popular products are available in 55 gallon drum sizes, contact us for special requests.

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