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Best Chemicals for Car Wash/Truck Wash/Fleet Wash/Ag Equipment Cleaning/Heavy Equipment Cleaning/General Industrial Cleaning

Clean better with Ver-tech Labs chemicals and foamers. Getting the right amount of chemical to right place makes cleaning your vehicle a fast and effective process.

Specks of tar on your vehicle from all the summer road construction? Clean it with MOV100 MOVE YOUR ASPHALT.

Winter is here and roads are being treating with deicers and road salt. Stop vehicle corrosion by using Salt Shield regularly – order EXT450 SALT SHIELD now!



Winter is here - protect vehicles from the corrosive effects of deicers and road salts. Use Salt Shield to clean and protect.



Metal Safe high pH truck washing detergent with higher alkalinity than THU100 Thunderbolt.

THU100 Thunderbolt

THU100 Thunderbolt

Metal safe alkaline cleaner, one of our top sellers. 95% of the dirty vehicles can be effectively cleaned by either THU100 Thunderbolt or HEL100 Hellcat.


Truck Wash & Car Wash Chemicals/Foamers/Car Wash Sprayers

Clean better with professional products

(December 2018) Welcome to the Ver-tech Labs online store where you can buy cleaning products for all types of car wash, truck wash, bus wash and fleet wash operations. This month we are adding additional sizes for all of our chemicals and chemicals that fall under the hazardous material shipping category.

You will be able to find the following types of chemical suitable for tunnel/conveyor, express exterior, in-bay automatic and self serve car washes:

  • alkaline (high pH) presoak,
  • acid (low pH) presoak,
  • foam detergent,
  • triple foam,
  • tire and wheel cleaner,
  • clear coat protectant,
  • all surface protectant,
  • drying agent,
  • tire dressing,
  • prep gun soap,
  • and more.

Ver-tech Labs chemicals are manufactured and shipped from Rockford, Minnesota. Please note that winter temperatures and shipping company policies may delay shipment of some chemical products. If you have questions about any of our products, please contact us through email or call one of our field chemical representatives. He can be reached  Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm CST.  Dial our toll free number 877-866-9742 and select option 5