• Reclaim Compatible
  • Metal Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly

This product ships to Canada, 5 gallon pails only at this time.





EXT293 – EPIC BERRY will send your customers on an extreme adventure through the car wash.  Excite your customers with a foaming detergent that offers deep cleaning capabilities with increased foam levels for superior coverage and show.  Gain a competitive edge with scent marketing with Epic Berry Burst Experience.

  • Foaming detergent
  • Exciting berry fragrance
  • Great for multiple applications
  • Can be double drawn with other reclaim compatible products
  • Can be diluted and used as an air freshener
  • Dual draw with other VTL products to add/boost fragrance
  • Foam curtain
  • Banana Foamers
  • Foam Sticks
  • Dilute and use through spray bottle as an air freshener
  • Dilution ratios will vary depending on application and desired fragrance
  • Metal Safe
  • Reclaim Compatible
  • Available Pack Sizes: 5 Gallons