• Reclaim Compatible

This product ships to Canada, 5 gallon pails only at this time.

This product is sensitive to cold temperatures. Shipments of this product may be delayed or suspended during the winter months. This product may freeze and phase separation may occur.

Please contact us directly with any questions. 877-866-9742


EXT504 – Magma Shine is high foam protectant that contains carnauba wax for unbeatable shine.

  • high foaming – all surface protectant
  • formulated with a complex silicone/carnauba wax
  • dark red color
  • pleasant piña colada fragrance
  • IBA’s
  • Truck Washes
  • Friction Washes
  • High volume wave foam arches
  • Great extra service item
  • Suggested dilution ratio – will depend on application
  • Reclaim compatible
  • Available Package Sizes: 5 Gallons