Hydro Foamer 481HD



The Hydro Foamer 481HD offers an easy way to apply a concentrate solution at the dilution you desire. Approximate dilution range for the 96 ounce capacity container ranges from 1:12 to 1:128. To operate the foamer:

  • unscrew the foamer lid assembly from the container
  • select a metering tip and press firmly into the hose barb on the bottom of the assembly
  • install suction tube on the hose barb
  • fill the container with concentrate
  • secure lid assembly on to container by screwing on
  • insert foamer lid assembly into quick connect on spray nozzle
  • connect a garden hose with 3/4″ male garden hose thread to the base of the spray nozzle handle
  • turn on water supply (minimum 25 PSI water pressure needed to operate the foamer)
  • squeeze the spray nozzle handle to begin foaming.

Hydro Foamer 481HD is designed for home use when a pressure wash is not available. Cleaning of vehicles may require some brushing for best results.

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