• Reclaim Compatible
  • Metal Safe

This product ships to Canada, 5 gallon pails only at this time.


Alkaline Detergent – METAL SAFE TRUCKWASH


  • Reclaim Compatible
  • Metal Safe

This product ships to Canada, 5 gallon pails only at this time.


Thunderbolt our popular highly concentrated metal-safe alkaline cleaner and degreaser featuring Ver-tech Lab’s breakthrough technology for Total Road Film Removal (TRFR).

  • Designed to clean and protect polished/stainless metals
  • High pH – hard water compatible (0-10 grains of hardness)
  • Suggested dilutions are based on application
  • Proper dilution, application and dwell time are required to clean effectively
  • DO NOT allow product to dry on vehicles (if hot/sunny, clean in a shaded area if available)


  • Truck & Trailer Washing
  • Engine Degreasing
  • Pressure Washer Detergent
  • Prep Gun Soap
  • Car Wash Pre-soak
  • Agriculture Equipment Cleaner
  • High Pressure Washing – 1 : 15-25
  • Brush Applied – 1 : 40-100
  • Engine Degreasing – 1 : 10-20
  • Foam Maxx Applied Truck Washing/Ag Washing – 1 : 20-30
  • Foam Maxx Applied Engine Degreasing – 1 : 25-30

For ease of application check out our dispensing options.

Have a question? See below for some FAQ’s on Thunderbolt.

FAQ’s on Using THU100 – Thunderbolt:

  • Is Thunderbolt safe for polished aluminum? Yes.  For more information see Fleet Washing 
  • Can I use Thunderbolt with a pressure washer? Yes. For more information and dilution ratios see more about Thunderbolt
  • Do I need to rinse my truck off after using Thunderbolt? Yes. After applying Thunderbolt you will need to rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Which foamer works best with Thunderbolt? Thunderbolt works great with all of our foaming units.
    • Smaller Foamers: when washing 1-2 vehicles 
    • Larger Foamers: recommended for large trucks, tractor/trailers,  Ag use, fleets and heavy-duty equipment. 
  • How to use Thunderbolt on my Ag Equipment?  Thunderbolt works great for washing off damaging fertilizer residue, sediments, farm diesel and oils.  Through the alkaline hydrolysis, it breaks down the active chemistry in pesticides and herbicides. Recommend using one of Ver-tech Labs’ Foam Maxx foamers for best results.