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THU100 Thunderbolt

Use Thunderbolt in your prep gun for fast results - metal safe and clears off bugs and road grime.


GRE120 Green Prairie Ag Equipment Cleaner

Large agricultural vehicles and equipment require professional formulated products to remove dirt, bugs, fertilizer and more.


EXT450 Salt Shield

Winter is not far away and before you know it there will be road salt on the highways. Wash your vehicle regularly with Salt Shield and protect your vehicle from the corrosive effects of road salt before the first grain is thrown.


Truck Wash & Car Wash Chemicals/Foamers/Car Wash Sprayers

Clean better with professional products.

  • Ver-tech Labs manufactures a wide variety of products to clean cars, trucks, heavy equipment and industrial surfaces.
  • If you look through our website,, you will see there are a number of products that are not on our store. Many cleaning chemicals are classified as Hazardous and require special shipping requirements. If you are interested in other products please contact us.
  • Do you need a product in a 55 gallon drum? Many of our popular products are available in 55 gallon drum sizes, contact us for special requests.

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